Austen bland

OUT NOW! A generic romp through Jane Austen's literary legacy in AUSTENLAND will, unlike Austen's books, be forgotten.

Austen-obsessed thirtysomething Jane H. (Russell) crosses the puddle for a ticky-tacky, Austen-themed holiday and a chance to live the dream. Her coach-class version includes the stable boy as romantic interest, the dowdy dress, the broom cupboard accommodation – and the off-script happy ending. Irony? What irony? Ye olde plot, some awful dialogue and the clumsy masquerade of art imitating reality has turned Lizzie Bennet into Cinderella. Jane A. is spinning in her grave – and this film will soon join her.

Austenland | Directed by Jerusha Hess (UK, USA 2013) with Keri Russell, JJ Field. Starts October 17

Originally published in issue #120, October 2013.