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The party’s over

OUT NOW! The much anticipated BAR25 film offers little magic or nostalgia, but plenty of egotism.

What was it that for seven years made Bar25 the signifier of Berlin’s famed club scene, regarded as a Mecca by Berliners and tourists alike until a protracted struggle with Mediaspree eventually closed its doors for good in 2010? Unfortunately, despite the interviewees’ relentless (too often self-) adulation – one goes so far as claiming that they were “riding at the vanguard of evolution” – the documentary’s images and surprisingly spiritless soundtrack fail to capture the magic of the Spree-side techno wonderland, disappointing both as a testament and as a fount of nostalgia.

Bar25 – Tage außerhalb der Zeit | D: Britta Mischer, Nana Yuriko (Germany 2012), documentary. Starts May 3