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OUT NOW! DIE SINGENDE STADT can't quite make drama out of producing drama, but still sings.

Jendreyko’s fly-on-the-wall style leads to a lack of dramatic tension here (it compares unfavorably to master Wiseman‘s still-playing docu about the Paris Opera ballet La danse), but at least he eschews the deferential position many people assume when they’re faced with artists (here, Calixto Bieito‘s version of Wagner’s Parsifal at the Staatsoper Stuttgart). Instead he focuses on the practical issues involved in putting on an opera, from an American singer having German pronunciation issues to technicians debating the load-bearing capacity of a stage to the choir’s refusal to appear on stage wearing nothing but cellophane wrap.

DIE SINGENDE STADT | Vadim Jendreyko (Germany 2010) Documentary.