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Not of sound mind

OUT NOW! BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO's off-kilter tale of obsession in sound design is deliciously strange.

Peter Strickland’s gloriously dark comic tragedy throws a mild-mannered English sound engineer (Toby Jones) into the chaotic world of a 1970s giallo film production. Inspired by Italian supernatural horror – and their soundtracks – this is a study of a man wracked with obsessions and repressions. The focus on horror film processes is like an obsessive impulse, a slavish quirk of opportunity and a clue to the central character’s key concerns. An eccentric masterwork.

Berberian Sound Studio | Directed by Peter Strickland (UK 2012) with Toby Jones, Cosimo Fusco, Tonia Sotiropoulou, Antonio Mancino, Susanna Cappellaro. Starts June 13

Originally published in Issue #117, June 2013