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Berlinale: Food for thought


The Berlinale’s real culinary section, Culinary Cinema: 12 or so current features or shorts on food and the environment.

But for mutton that hasn’t been dressed as lamb, and reflects the Safran Foer-induced animal-friendly approach to the way we (should) live, also try Bestiary (Forum) from Canadian filmmaker Denis Côté , a poetic study of the way humans and animals watch and consider each other, Francine (Forum) from US directors Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky on the downside of fixating on animals at the expense of human interaction, and Die Wand (Panorama, director Julian Pölsler), based on the eponymous novel about a woman cut off from civilisation, in a timely study of the self-sufficiency skills that are currently on so many minds.