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Sex-positive card game

Looking to spice up your sex life? The Prude & Pervert card game is here to indulge your fantasies – all without having to do the deed (if you don't want to).

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Photo by Janar Siniloo

If you’re looking to stop blushing every time you engage in a little dirty talk between the sheets, why not practice on your friends, neighbours or flatmates, without having to do the deed with them (if you don’t want): the Prude & Pervert card game is here to sex up your life. Designed and printed in Berlin, each of the 50 cards in the basic deck (€10) comes with two questions, one that’s relatively easy to answer, like “Which body part attracts you the most?” (worth 1 point), the other slightly closer to the bone: “What was your first sexual encounter like?” (3 points). According to the duo behind the game, it’s not really about winning: “The idea is to get to know yourself better, boost your confidence, learn from others and have fun in a non-judgemental situation,” says 28-year-old Hong Kong-born Louise Yau who teamed up with fellow graphic designer Janar Siniloo, from Estonia, to develop the game. Following a test-run on eager volunteers, the duo aimed to make the questions suitable to all sexual practices – in range and levels, so whatever’s your schtick, you’ve got no excuse not to play. Fancy more? Get the “Twist Deck” (€15) which comes with 20 “twist” cards that step up the questions to the next level. Don’t worry, you won’t have to strip or give your friends a lap dance, but you might have to guess their favourite place to get it on.

Prude and Pervert | Crowdfunding campaign (through March 11) at indiegogo.com