Boy, Bethlehem

OUT NOW! With more than one Israeli-Palestinian-centred film this month, BETHLEHEM looks at loyalty and betrayal in the Palestinian territories.

Bethlehem is out in Berlin cinemas on January 9. 

The father-son relationship between Israeli Secret Service agent Razi (Halevi) and Sanfur (Mar’i), a Palestinian adolescent recruited under emotional duress, is jeopardised by the martyr’s death of Sanfur’s Al-Aqsa brother. Filmed with brisk omnipresence, Adler’s look at the underside of the compromised friendships that develop in the trenches of partisan interests in the Palestinian territories is an ode to the lost youth of those growing up there. And will leave you reeling.

Bethlehem | Directed by Yuval Adler (Israel, Germany, Belgium 2013) with Tsahi Halevi, Shadi Mar’i, Hitham Omari. Starts January 9

Originally published in issue #123, January 2014.