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Samuel L. Jackson for president

OUT NOW! BIG GAME is unapologetic in its ridiculous action scenes and far-fetched plot line, but when you have Samuel L. as the man in the White House, anything is possible.

A young Finn (Rare Exports’ Onni Tommila), hungry to prove himself to his hunter father, camps out alone in the Lapp wilderness, only to encounter a ruffled US president (Sam Jackson, typically bug-eyed and atypically panicky) after a fishy terror attack downs Air Force One. Despite some points for spectacle, casting (a down-at-heel Jim Broadbent the highlight) and the daffy originality of its plot device, the caper crash lands between two poles: brutal action and somewhat dopey, kid-friendly self-discovery.

Big Game | Directed by Jalmari Helander (Finland, Germany, UK 2014) with Samuel L. Jackson, Onni Tommila. Starts June 18

Originally published in issue #139, June 2015.