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Black to the book

OUT NOW! Jack Black reminds us that reading book (or the kindle version) is still the better GULLIVER'S TRAVELS.

If you’re under the age of ten (or accompanying one such individual), you may find a few (forced) laughs in watching Jack Black travel to Lilliput as Gulliver in this film version of the classic tale, but you probably won’t find them worth the ticket price. Instead, you should go back to the book, Jonathan Swift’s 18th century novel – or any other film version for that matter.

Even the best 3D cannot make a boring script interesting and is particularly helpless when it comes to this Gulliver, lousy with little men and outworn clichés. Gulliver, as a lazy mailman who becomes an accidental hero when faced with danger in a fairytale land, remains supremely uninteresting, even with the ever-charming Emily Blunt by his side as a goody-two-shoes princess.

GULLIVER’S TRAVELS | Directed by Rob Letterman (USA 2010) with Jack Black, Emily Blunt. Opens February 10