Bleak house

OUT NOW! Jennifer Lawrence ends an otherwise stand out year with the unfortunate anomaly HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET.

Elyss (Lawrence)
 and her single mom set
 up in a new town and find 
that a double murder took 
place in the titular house 
on their street; a deranged 
girl slayed her parents before disappearing into the 
woods. Elyss falls for the victim’s brooding son (Thieriot) unaware of the secrets he harbours. Unsure of where it stands, Mark Tonderai masquerades the film as a small town coming-of-age story until well into the final third. Terribly written, poorly executed and an unfortunate anomaly in an otherwise defining year for Lawrence.

House At The End Of The Street | Directed by Mark Tonderai (USA
2012) with Jennifer
Lawrence, Max Thieriot. Starts January 17