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Blunt and unrefined

OUT NOW! The front lines of the drug war is put under director Villeneuve's microscope in the disappointing "Sicario". Despite its poignancy, it's fast and stylish but insubstantial.

Blunt plays an FBI agent who joins a team tasked with subduing the Mexican cartel’s escalating drug war. Brolin guides their boat down the chaotic river with Del Toro as his mysterious right hand. Shot like a Michael Mann film by legendary DP Roger Deakins, this latest film from Villeneuve is a rather disappointing example of style over substance. With everything that’s going on down in the States’ noisiest neighbour, that can only be seen as a missed opportunity.

Sicario | Directed by Denis Villeneuve (USA 2015) with Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro. Starts October 1