Bovary redux

OUT NOW! A good turn from lead Fabrice Luchini makes GEMMA BOVERY, at take on Madame Bovery, keeps the modern retelling compelling.

Fontaine returns to France for her adaptation of Posy Simmonds’ novel of French-speaking Brits abroad. At its core, it’s a humdrum comedy about men’s fascination with beautiful women, but blessed with a deliciously asinine performance from Luchini as the curtain-twitching neighbour who insists on turning Gemma (Arterton) and her extramarital relations into Gustave Flaubert’s fictional philanderer Emma Bovary – and turns a small town baker with an over-baked literary imagination into a hero. Once again, it seems, “Gemma Bovery, c’est moi.”

Gemma Bovery | Anne Fontaine, (France 2014) with Gemma Arterton, Fabrice Luchini, Jason Flemyng.

Originally published in issue #130, September 2014.