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Bullet don’t fly

OUT NOW! Sylvester Stallone returns with BULLET TO THE HEAD and no surprises there.

Burly powerhouse Stallone returns (once again) with an astounding display of, quite literally, head-bashing violence. As an aging hit man, he teams up with a novice DC detective (Kang) to chase the baddies of New Orleans. Together, they provide some lowbrow comic relief in the standard form of tough criminal-meets-scrawny detective banter, Stallone’s deadpan delivery of which (just) saves the day. Some requisite nudity, one-liners and the closing axe-on-axe combat make it worth taking a quick peek. 

Shootout (Keine Gnade) | Directed by Walter Hill (USA 2012) with Sylvester Stallone, Christian Slater and Sung Kang. Starts March 7