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Burton back from the dead

OUT NOW! Tim Burton returns to form (finally) with the feature-length stop-motion update of the short FRANKENWEENIE.

Black and white, gothic and creepy, you’ve
 guessed it, it’s another Tim 
Burton film (actually a n
early short, now revisited 
in stop-motion animation). Frankenweenie tells the 
story of a young scientist
 who resurrects his dead pooch, Sparky, with monstrous consequences. For a while, Burton’s films lost appeal owing to predictable style and casting, but this one manages to be funny and dark by giving a classic horror story a modern-day twist. There are no à la carte happy endings, so don’t take along any kids who have just said farewell to that beloved goldfish.

Frankenweenie | Directed by Tim Burton (USA 2012)
 with Winona Ryder, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short. Starts January 24