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California (man) love

OUT NOW! David Mayer delves deeper into explosive LAPD territory in the F-word ridden, gritty bromance END OF WATCH.

David Ayer goes deeper 
into volatile LAPD territory, 
occasionally veering off into
 unnecessary effects (the 
use of handheld camera/
found footage and dialogue
 that consists largely of the
 F-word). But Gyllenhaal
 and Peña pull off both the ‘bro’-mantics and a professional fearlessness that verges on the foolhardy as two cops patrolling LA’s South Central district: the meanest and dirtiest area in a crime-soaked city. And if the ending comes as no great surprise, the violence that begets and follows their bad break is authentically and depressingly rendered.

End of Watch | Directed by David Ayer (USA 2012)
with Jake Gyllenhaal,
 Michael Peña. Starts December 20