Car park pals

OUT NOW! Colm Meaney does dignified homelessness in the unassuming cliché busting PARKED.

A friendship conducted in a Dublin parking 
lot between two men living 
in their cars may sound
 like a contrived reflection
 on the state of the Celtic
 Tiger. The fact that it works 
is down largely to Colm
 Meaney as Fred, who turns homelessness into a whole new form of dignity, with morning coffee, regular shaves and the common decency to look out for his drugged-out co-habitant Cathal (Morgan). In return, Cathal’s friendship gives Fred the confidence to get back in touch with his emotions. Quietly unassuming, Parked only rarely succumbs to drama and never gives in to cliché.

Parked | Directed by Darragh Byrne (Ireland, 
Finland 2010) with Colm
 Meaney, Colin Morgan. Starts November 29