Career moves

OUT NOW! Violette Leduc is a budding writer finding her way in post-war Paris. VIOLETTE compels and enthralls.

Violette Leduc, embodied by the remarkable Devos as an inelegant bundle of complex, tempestuous feminine fury, begins her writing career under Simone de Beauvoir’s stern and stately aegis in a gorgeously realised post-war Paris. Compellingly serene in its treatment of its singular, stormy heroine and some of the episodes that may have stamped themselves on her writing, this rare beast provides beautifully handled drama aplenty (and some unexpected giggles), though it might ultimately gust a little ineffectually through its long, deliberate life.

Violette | Directed by Martin Provost (France,Belgium 2013) with Emmanuelle Devos, Sandrine Kiberlain. Starts June 26