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Challenging chastity

OUT NOW! METÉORA tells the highly stylised tale of a Greek orthodox monk and nun as their forbidden love threatens their common faith.

Greek orthodox 
monk Theodorus lives 
across the valley from
 Russian Orthodox nun 
Urania in a monastery
 and a convent perched 
atop sandstone rock pillars in Greece’s legendary Metéora complex. They meet and attraction threatens their vows of celibacy. Working with a couple of intrusive Pythonesque devices and barely any dialogue, Stathouloulos’ version of mute, irrespressible love is reflected in digressions into biblical and classical mythology in a nacreous but not uniformly convincing vision of austerely structured lives.

Metéora | Directed Spiros Stathouloulos (Greece, Germany France 2012) with Theo Alexander, Tamila Koulieve-Karantinaki, Giorgios Karakantas. Starts June 12

Originally published in issue #128, June 2014