Chasing dreams

OUT NOW! Frances of FRANCES HA will capture your heart as she struggles to make it as a dancer in Brooklyn.

What “Oh Boy” did for Berlin, “Frances Ha” does (not dissimilarly) for Brooklyn as the eponymous 27-year-old dancer and choreographer struggles to align the gap between dreams and reality.

Shot in black and white, written by Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig (who plays Frances), the movie excites both exasperation and affection for its main protagonist and a group of creative young adults (including best friend Sophie), raised with great expectations and forced into inevitable compromise. Apart from being easy on the eye and the heart, Frances Ha succeeds in personalising stock situations, spreading out a panoply of empathetic individuals and waiting for us to pick a favourite. Choose Frances: this woman messes only with her own mind – and because of this, we’re happy to root for her. 

Frances Ha | Directed by Noah Baumbach (USA 2012) with Greta Gerwig, Mickey Summer. Starts Aug 1. 

Originally published in issue #118, July/August.