Food porn

OUT NOW! In CHEF, Jon Favreau directs himself as innovative chef who loses his job and sets up the best street food on Miami Beach. Also a lot of food porn.

Well meaning in tone and content, Favreau directs himself as an innovative chef shackled by unimaginative clients and uninspired critics who loses his job and goes back to the roots, hitting the road with a trusty companion, his formerly neglected son and a van full of the best street food you can buy on Miami Beach. Don’t watch if you’re hungry, but do watch for some cute cameos, notably Andy Garcia’s puzzled cop.

Chef (Kiss the Cook – so schmeckt das Leben) | Directed by Jon Favreau (USA 2014) with Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, Sofia Vergara. Starts May 28

Originally published in issue #139, June 2015.