Circle of life

OUT NOW! No plot, no score, no narrator and no CGI effects in LE QUATTRO VOLTE. Just nature at its barest!

No dialogue, no score, no narrator, little camera movement, a plot that is rudimentary at best… Frammartino’s film playfully breaks with every principle of feature films and will perplex you from the very beginning. Patiently laconic, it follows the circle of life by looking at the humans, animals, plants and minerals of Calabria, slowly revealing the rugged, archaic beauty of the southern Italian region, with its ancient rituals and traditions, as the true protagonist of the film. Le quattro volte is a daring yet serene cinematic experiment that will certainly challenge moviegoers.

Le quattro volte | Directed by Michelangelo Frammartino (Italy 2011) Documentary. Opens June 30