Cold blood

OUT NOW! In DEADFALL, after a bungled heist getaway, siblings Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde flee into the snowy Missouri wastes, with a mounting body count in their wake.

When a heist getaway goes 
awry, strangely intimate 
siblings Addison (Bana)
 and Liza (Wilde) shoot a
 cop, separate, and make 
their way into the snowy
 wastelands of Missouri. Despite the mounting body count, Addison’s lust for survival is tinged with bleak compassion. Liza relies on other skills to get by, ensnaring a freshly released convict at whose family home the Thanksgiving showdown goes off with several bangs. The scenery, a strong finale and Bana’s screen presence are some compensation for a gratuitously convoluted ‘western noir’ plot.

Deadfall | Directed by Stefan 
Ruzowitsky (USA 2012) with
 Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Sissy 
Spacek, Kris Kristofferson,
 Charlie Hunnam. Starts November 22