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Lifeless romantics

OUT NOW! Limp and tedious naval-gazer CONFESSION OF A CHILD OF THE CENTURY is a lot more costume than drama.

If you’re lured into this insipid version of French Romantic Alfred de Musset’s great confessional novel on the exquisite pains of ennui by the promise of Doherty’s acting skills, you’re likely instead to find yourself falling prey to similar states of desperation as the young, debauched Octave (Doherty) strives to find the difference between “life and the sound of life”. Not easy in this ‘mumblecore’ adaptation that lacks spark, rigour and conviction.

Confession of a Child of the Century | Directed by Sylvie Verheyde (France, Germany, UK 2012) with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Pete Doherty, August Diehl. Starts June 20

Originally published in issue #117, June 2013.