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Copied confusion

OUT NOW! COPIE CONFORME is a budding romance that doesn't blossom into cinematic bliss.

After a forebodingly pretentious beginning in which an art critic talks about his new book advocating the superior value of the copy as compared to the original, Copie conforme takes its characters from tenderly budding romance to marriage drama.

Multilingual, stiltedly literary dialogues (with German subs, adding to the confusion) and hopelessly uptight attempts to keep the audience guessing as to the nature of Elle and James’s relationship are interspersed with trite observations about cultural difference. Sleep-inducing and annoying by turns.

Copie conforme (Die Liebesfälscher) |  Directed by Abbas Kiarostami (France et al. 2010) with Juliette Binoche, William Shimell. Starts October 13