Cruise control

OUT NOW! Tom Cruise goes old school to foil acid tongued, über-villain Werner Herzog in JACK REACHER.

Cruise goes old-school in this unpretentious adaptation of Lee Child’s bestselling crime series. A sniper kills five civilians,
 but the wrong man is 
framed for the deed. Enter 
the loner/tough guy from
out of town to solve the 
riddle. Take a few fistfights, a prolonged car chase, a late-night showdown in the rain and Werner Herzog as shadowy über-villain with a vicious accent – leave aside CGI and slow-motion punches to the sound of smashing watermelons – and you have classic thriller lore channelled into a piece of anachronistic entertainment defiantly at ease with its utter lack of novelty and pomp.

Jack Reacher | Directed by Christopher McQuarrie (USA 2012) with Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike. Starts January 3