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A journey drawn out

OUT NOW! CRULIC is a poignant political and aesthetic telling of a man who died on hunger strike in prison.

Crulic – drumul spre dincolo hits Berlin theatres on January 16.

January 2008: A 33-year-old man dies of starvation in a Polish prison, the result of a four-month-long hunger strike. Accused of a theft he claims he didn’t commit, Romanian Claudiu Crulic was unable to inspire compassion from a Kafka-esque justice system and dies abandoned by all. This shocking story would be no less than a long-forgotten news brief if it weren’t for Damian’s beautifully animated doc – a mix of hand-drawn animation, cutout photographs and 3D. A poignant political and aesthetic gesture against oblivion.

Crulic – drumul spre dincolo (Crulic – The Path to Beyond) | Directed by Anca Damian (Romania, Poland 2011) with Sandrine Bonnaire, Vlad Ivanov, Jamie Sives. Starts January 16

Originally published in issue #123, January 2014.