Custody wars

OUT NOW! In MAMA GEGEN PAPA divorcing parents refreshingly fight NOT to have custody over their children, the sharpness may be far-fetched, but the dark humour is excellent.

divorce film genre has its
 own conventions. No mat
ter how vicious it might get 
between feuding spouses, 
the kids are spared. That’s 
what makes this bad-
ass French comedy so 
refreshingly provocative: witnessing two parents direct their nastiest attacks towards their own flesh and blood (custody would thwart their respective career plans). The perfect cast and sharp script lend (far-fetched) credibility to this upbeat black humour tour de force. It will be interesting to see how this movie flies in Germany, where nothing’s as sacred as children and no activity as serious as parenthood. 

Mama gegen Papa | Directed by Martin Bourboulon (France 2015) with Marina Foïs, Laurent Lafitte. Starts July 9

Originally published in issue #140, July/August 2015.