Dark Eden


This immersive German doc explores life at Fort McMurray, the North Canadian home of the world’s third largest oil reserve. Directors Jasmin Herold and Michael Beamish follow those who were drawn to work there because of high salaries, and in doing so examine the moral cost some people are willing to pay for a better quality of life. It’s an unexpectedly personal cautionary tale about the destructive effects of the oil industry and the direct consequences of the hubris of man. While sparse on authorial interjection, the film deftly avoids familiar tactics – expert interviews, statistic overkill – to instead allow the viewer to observe a bleak reality via ominous lensing courtesy of cinematographer Andreas Köhler, and to witness the narrow-mindedness of those who willingly sacrifice the planet’s future for their own immediate betterment.

Dark Eden | Directed by Jasmin Herold, Michael Beamish (Germany 2019) documentary. Starts April 11.

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