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Painting a pretty pathos

OUT NOW! DEATH OF A SUPERHERO is the story of a dying teenager, but poignant without the assumed angst.

This is a coming-of-age story but it also is about coming to terms with the possibility of death. Suffering from cancer, teen Donald (Brodie-Sangster) deals with thoughts of sex (or lack thereof) and death in drawings, not always knowing what is real and what is fiction. Incautious of his risky and potentially deadly behaviour, his bewildered parents send him to a psychiatrist (Serkis), who specialises in art. This could be a movie overflowing with angst and Schmerz, but it balances the tender topics, including dealing with shaky, first-time love, ably assisted by a great cast.

Death of a Superhero | Directed by Ian Fitzgibbon (Ireland, Germany 2011) with Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Andy Serkis. Starts Aug 30