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21st-century greed

OUT NOW! Offering a new take on Schiller's 18th-century classic, DIE RÄUBER is elegant and chilling.

Schiller’s 18th-century play is revamped with 21st-century variants on greed and power that translate superbly to financial sector machinations. Karl and Franz are brothers feuding for the love of their sister and their father – as well as the potential inheritance of a banking house. The bitingly cold winds of voracious neo-capitalism are appropriately rendered in elegant grey-beige demi-tones as integrity takes a backseat to financial Darwinism. 

Die Räuber | Directed by Pol Cruchten, Frank Hoffmann (Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg 2015) with Eric Caravaca, Robinson Stévenin. Starts March 19

Originally published in issue #136, March 2015