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Head bang against the wall

OUT NOW! DIE WAND looks like purgatory but feels more like hell.

Think Castaway, strand the hero in the mountains rather than the beach, replace Wilson with some farm animals, go for overponderous philosophical pretensions in place of schlock sentimentality, and you’ve got a rough idea of what Die Wand is like. Upon finding herself cut off from the world by an invisible force field, the unnamed protagonist (Gedeck) spends a long, uneventful time looking various shades of forlorn and reflecting on her plight. Is she in purgatory? Limbo? Brandenburg? If you want answers, you’ve got the wrong film; if you want stimulating questions, ditto.

Die Wand | Directed by Julian Pölsler (Austria, Germany 2012) with Martina Gedeck. Starts October 11