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Canarias Crea: Dis-play

SUMMER FEST! The fourth edition of the free, two-day Canarias Crea festival has a colourful line-up with audiovisual concerts... and experiments with sensors. Don't miss the talking fruits and veggies.

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Fresh from the Canary Islands, this fourth edition of the free, two-day Canarias Crea festival covers a range of audiovisual concerts, video, computer music and Moving Silence, a Berlin-based group of international artists, musicians and filmmakers who have decided the best way to move forward is to saunter back and have, as a result, embraced silent film.

LOD will debut his new album Neurospasta with Pixel Noise providing the visuals, Marco Brossolo will interpret video loops, and Shingo will apply sensors to make his body movements toe-tapping. Should the human body show its limits, “Fruits + Emotions: Noise” (photo) will be plugging into fruits and veggies so that our plants can talk to us, for a change.

With plenty more on offer, these canaries will truly fly.

CANARIAS CREA: DIS-PLAY | July 14-15. For the full schedule, visit www.dis-play.es