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Documenting dementia

OUT NOW! Both tender and unsentimental, David Sieveking documents his mother's mental decline in VERGISS MEIN NICHT.

“I have you!” says
 a gently confused Grete 
Sieveking to her husband,
 who asks, “Why?” “Because you are here” is her 
reply, encapsulating both 
the emotional neediness
 of dementia sufferers, and 
their increasing inability to 
reference anything beyond the current moment. After Amour, Sieveking’s tender yet unsentimental documentary on his mother’s decline and the family’s decision to care for her at home is exemplary in a different way: this is real humanity that shows pain and comfort in the context of post-1968 social developments, shaping family dynamics.

Vergiss mein nicht | Directed by David Sieveking (Germany 2012) documentary. Starts January 31