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Surly with girly

OUT NOW! In DREIVIERTELMOND one man's devastation begins an uplfting friendship with a six-year-old.

At 65, Hartmut has had his life turned upside down; after 20 blissful years of marriage, his wife has left him for another man. Irritable, intolerant and hostile, his (totally platonic) flourishing relationship with six-year-old Hayat, an abandoned Turkish girl, is most unexpected.

United by feeling lost in the world and being unable to relate to those around them, they become an amusing twosome and even partners in (petty) crime. A solid bit of feeling uplifted by Hartmut’s Hayat-induced new lease on life and Türköglu’s endearing performance are Dreiviertelmond’s strong points.

Dreiviertelmond | Directed by Christian Zübert (Germany 2011) with Elmar Wepper, Mercan-Fatima Türköglu. Starts October 13