Icy home?

OUT NOW! From Germany to a breathtaking yet dismal Iceland, EISHEIMAT asks the six immigrants: why stay and where's home?

Eisheimat is out on Thursday, December 5 in Berlin cinemas.

Set in Iceland, Eisheimat is built around interviews with six women, who originally emigrated from Germany to Iceland in the post-war years. Alternating between moments of intimacy and memories of mundane events, Fink reconstructs their histories by defining them with images of the harsh and wildly beautiful landscapes, the constant sound of the wind and the stillness of what appears as a very empty and desolate island. However, correlating these unmoving landscapes with the vivacity and life of the women might leave you wondering what kept them there.

Eisheimat | Directed by Heike Fink (Germany, Iceland 2012) documentary. Starts December 5

Originally published in issue #122, December 2013.