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A Brit on a Russian in Mexico

OUT NOW! Greenaway takes on Eisenstein in EISENSTEIN IN GUANAJUATO, a worthy tribute making good use of Greenaway's signature eye for theatricality and sexuality.

Freshly rejected by Hollywood, Eisenstein travelled to Mexico in 1931 to shoot ¡Que Viva Mexico! with the support of American author Upton Sinclair. There, he indulged in a luxurious lifestyle and sexual experimentation that would change his filmmaking forever. Greenaway’s comeback retains his auteurist trademark of painterly theatricality, operatic opulence, bold eroticism, and playful split screens. Though failing to reach the heights of his earlier work, this is nonetheless a worthy tribute to the legendary Russian filmmaker.

Eisenstein in Mexico | Directed by Peter Greenaway (Mexico, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, France 2015) with Elmer Bäck, Luis Alberti. Starts November 12

Originally published in issue #143, November 2015.