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Elevate yourself: Filmgalerie 451

After opening its first little shop in Stuttgart in 1987, Filmgalerie 451 founded a second branch in Berlin in 2001. It’s not only a video shop but also a an independent production company, making and distributing local flicks, mostly high-brow experimental stuff (think Christoph Schlingensief) with a memorable incursion into the short-lived Berlin New Wave (Christoph Hochhäusler and Ulrich Köhler, among others).

The shop in Berlin caters to a community of 40,000 members, which is after all not that bad for a place that proudly focuses on movies that “take risks” – both formally and content-wise, 20,000 titles in total. For €2 per day and €3.50 overnight, you can rent a DVD from their grand collection, which is sectioned into genres, filmmakers, countries and more. For regulars, there’s also a 10-nights-for-€28 special.

But beware: if your choice of a cinematic Sunday hangover cure is not to the liking of the superior staff, chances are you might have to weather a disdainful smirk.