Doing the job

OUT NOW! ELLE'S APPELAIT SARAH is proficient enough when it comes to the telling the plight of French Jews in WWII.

Two intertwining stories offer an insight onto the Vel d’Hiv roundup of over 12,000 Jews by French officials in July 1942. When the police burst into her family’s apartment, 10-year old Sarah (an impressive Mayance) locks her younger brother in a wardrobe, hoping to come back with the key and rescue him. In modern-day Paris, Julia Jarmond (Thomas in top form) is an American journalist whose research unwittingly unravels a personal connection to Sarah’s story. Generally proficient, the film starts to falter and digress in the last section.

Elle s’appelait Sarah (Sarahs Schlüssel) | Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner (France 2010) with Kristin Scott Thomas, Mélusine Mayance. Starts December 15.