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Still on her way

OUT NOW! Deneuve deals with maybe one too many dilemmas as a woman facing late mid-life crisis in ELLE S'EN VA.

Elle s’en va comes to Berlin cinemas on February 13.

La Deneuve is the overwhelmed, recently jilted restaurant owner Bette who pops out for a breather – and keeps going to rendezvous planned and unplanned with her past and her family in this misguided attempt to pull off a late mid-life crisis. Instead of relying on Deneuve’s face to suggest emotional crosscurrents, the screenplay and Bercot’s direction veer all over the place to incorporate one-night stands, beauty pageants, maternal shortcomings and new love: a sad waste of an opportunity to explore the older woman’s dilemma.

Elle s’en va | Directed by Emmanuelle Bercot (France 2012) with Catherine Deneuve. Starts February 13

Originally published in issue #124, February 2014.