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Ende der Schonzeit

OUT NOW! Excellent performances and an intriguing story make for an exceptional film in ENDE DER SCHONZEIT.

Hobmeier won best actress in Montreal for her portrayal of a dour farmer’s wife moving passively through days on a remote Black Forest farm during WWII until her equally monosyllabic husband brings home Albert, an educated, fugitive Jew. Initially suspicious, she accedes, with misgivings, to her husband’s idea that this stranger could sire the heir he’s been unable to father. Friedel and Wagner give excellent performances as very different men on common moral ground in this unusual story of decency, betrayal and reconciliation.

Ende der Schonzeit | Directed by Franziska Schlotterer (Germany, Israel 2012) with Brigitte Hobmeier, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Christian Friedel. Starts February 14