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EXBERLINER’s December issue

OUT NOW! "The food issue" – our 100th! OSTRICH farms, eating HORSE, the VEGETARIAN vs. CARNIVORE issue, as well as a look at OCCUPY BERLIN. And our FOODIE QUIZ determines your foodie character. Plus much more!

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The FOOD (our 100th) issue is now here!

Inside this month’s issue:

THE GUILTY VEGETARIAN Food seems to be becoming a new religion in Berlin, but is converting to vegetarianism enough to purge your sins?

THE ETHICAL CARNIVORE We take a look into why some veggies are reclaiming their steak knives and think about how carnivorism works without having to sacrifice your conscience.

EAT MORE HORSE In today’s world of murky meat morality, one Fleisch reigns among Berlin’s enlightened carnivores: horse! Find out why people are looking past the sentimentality and indulging in this gratifying meat.

EAST OF EATING From East German cuisine in Mitte to an Ossi food haven on the outskirts, we confirm that culinary ostalgia is very much alive and kicking in Berlin.


WHO’S OCCUPYING BERLIN? Face to face with some of the diehard protestors who have set up camp at the Bundespressestrand. What we found may surprise you.


Interviews with Volker Meyer-Dabisch about his latest documentary Open Souls, questions for Polish artist Mirosław Bałka and French band The Dø dish.

And don’t forget to take our BlitzQuiz and discover whether you really are what you eat, then maybe treat yourself at one of the restaurants we’ve reviewed.

Dig in!

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