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  • Exberliner’s January issue is out now!


Exberliner’s January issue is out now!

OUT NOW! The GERMAN MAN SPECIAL! We talk fisting, foreskins and females with the experts! Read all about MR. GERMANY, BOY'S CLUBS, NEW BERLIN DADS and much, much more!

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Our GERMAN MAN issue is out now!

Inside you’ll find:

HERR DEUTSCHLAND Our cover model Mr. Germany tells us all about what it’s like to be Germany’s number one Frauenschwärmer.

NO GIRLS ALLOWED From fraternities to fisting, inside five of Berlin’s most exclusive all boys clubs.

MEN UNCUT Germany’s debate over circumcision attracted world-wide attention and infuriated religious groups. All this over a little foreskin?

THE NEW GERMAN DAD The changing face of paternity in Berlin.

GERMAN MEN, DECONSTRUCTED We ask five Berliners to go behind the rumors and give us the real dirt on German dudes.

BOYS DON’T CRY The other side of domestic violence.

PLUS: ARE YOU A REAL GERMAN MAN? Take our quiz and find out!

Also in this issue:

TOCOTRONIC Hi Freaks! The iconic Teutonic grunge rockers stop by to say hello.

FANTASTIC VOYAGE One journalist’s psychic journey into the future

LUCKY ‘13 Happy New Year! Exberliner editors share their take on what 2013 has in store.

Plus all the latest in film, food, events, fashion and much more!

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