Fuck you too

OUT NOW! Elyas M'Barek reprises his role as falsified teach Ziki Müller in FACK JU GÖHTE 2, trading public schooling for the scenic beaches of Thailand, but not much else.

The sequel to 2013’s runaway hit is here to remind us that cinema is generally a cruel mistress. As bad as the first one was, its impact was undeniable and so we get fed the same recipe for success all over again.

German mega-babe Elyas M’Barek plays Ziki Müller, an ex-con who cons his way into a teaching job but this time around trades the wild world of asocial public schooling for the wild beaches of Thailand, minus Karoline Herfuth, who for no discernible reason gets left behind.

Less blatantly offensive if you already knew what to expect from the first, despite its sophomoric humour, thin plot, repeated uses of racial stereotypes and a jackhammer of a soundtrack that only stops thudding long enough to let M’Barek or the kids say something shrill, this is basically a run-down of what made the original such a hit – although the craft is marginally improved. That this one is also going to be huge seems only inevitable. Fuck you very much.

Fack ju Göhte 2 | Directed by Bora Dagtekin (Germany 2015) with Elyas M’Barek, Jana Pallaske. Starts September 10