Falling short

OUT NOW! Despite beautiful cop man candy and graceful cinematography, gay melodrama FREIER FALL suffers from a clichéd plot.

Two hot cops fall in love during the very non-halcyon training camp days. One’s a repressed homosexual, the other not. It’s masculine, sweaty and brooding. Classic porn? But Lacant goes for drama and a twist in the form of the former’s pregnant wife. Homosexual acceptance within power structures aside, not the most original story. It’s impeccably shot and well-acted, but in the end nothing new has really been addressed or confronted, making it hard to care.

Freier Fall | Directed by Stephan Lacant (Germany 2013) with Hanno Koffler, Max Riemelrt, Katharina Schüttler. Starts May 23

Originally published in issue #116, May 2013.