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Sokurov’s deal with the devil

OUT NOW! FAUST is the visually stunning re-telling of the classic German legend by the Russian director.

This is the Russian master’s first flick in German and his personal take on the “deal with the devil” of German legend. Expect a broke, money-hungry Dr. Faust, a rather sniveling money-lending Mephistopheles (not Goethe’s charmer), Fassbinder’s muse Schygulla as his wife and torrential dialogue that pushes along a breathless narrative. Ultimately Sokurov has given us a visually stunning existential epic that might owe as much to Flemish painting as to German literature – stunning enough to win a Golden Lion at Venice.

Faust| Directed by Alexander Sokurov (Germany 2011) with Johannes Zeiler, Anton Adasinsky, Isolda Dychauk, Hanna Schygulla. Starts January 19