Film Polska showcases a new crop of award-winning Polish cinema. It's on Apr 24-May 1 at various cinemas.

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Film Polska showcases a new crop of award-winning Polish cinema.

Polish cinema extravaganza FilmPolska returns to Berlin for its 14th edition, and this year’s programme highlights tackle institutions like marriage, family, and friendship from diverse angles. Some of the most impressive acting of the festival comes from Julia Kijowska, who stars in two films; Via Carpatia and Nina. The former revolves around the refugee crisis and the impossible reunion of a Syrian father, a Polish mother and their son after spending 30 years apart. Taking the form of a road movie across Poland, Macedonia, and Greece, directors Klara Kochańska and Kasper Bajon assess what these destinations mean for holiday seekers and refugees alike. Nina, which received the Big Screen Award at last year’s Rotterdam Film Festival, explores an intriguing premise: Nina dreams of starting a family with her husband, but falls in love with the surrogate mother who could fulfil her dream. The inherent tension in the story is accentuated by the use of changing colours in the cinematography, Another standout is Lukasz Grzegorzek’s A Coach’s Daughter (photo), which won the Youth Film Competition at the 2018 Cottbus Film Festival. The film explores the blurred lines of a daughter/trainee, father/coach relationship, and how these dual positions are threatened when significant others enter the picture. And Paweł Maślona’s Panic Attack is a slick, intricate ensemble comedy, in which multiple characters and plot threads satisfyingly converge at a wedding.

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