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OUT NOW! FILM SOCIALISME is Godard's newest artistic commentary that will leave you feeling liberated by proxy.

Half poetic political digression, half existential vaudeville, Socialisme is so characteristic of Godard’s insubordination to current tastes, fashions or expectations, that it can only be described as a UFO (unidentified film object).

In a world where radical politics have been left to fanatics or conformists surfing the highway of verbal incontinence, this is political radicalism in action – a patchwork of reflections conveyed through an endearing association of images and improbable dialogues (Godard distrusts words).

You feel so grateful, so privileged to be treated to such a boldly outlandish piece of cinema, that no matter how depressing, uncomfortable, or at times irritating, Socialisme might be, you leave the cinema with an extraordinary feeling of freedom.  

FIlm Socialisme | Directed by Jean-Luc Godard (France 2010). Starts September 29