Off the pointe

OUT NOW! Formulaic ballet doc FIRST POSITION's plucky protagonists aren't enough to keep viewers on their toes.

Shedding light on the behind-the-curtain world of what it takes to be one of the top ballet dancers in the world is the subject of Bess Kargman’s debut documentary, “First Position”.

The film spotlights six under-18s on their physical and emotional journeys to compete in the world-renowned “Youth America Grand Prix” dance competition, where their futures will be determined and dreams realized (or shattered). These dancers prove that ballet is more an intense sport than a beautiful art, but in the end not even the visually stunning routines or inspiring protagonists could make up for the lack of surprises and general feeling of “I’ve seen this somewhere before.”

First Position | Directed by Bess Kargman (USA 2012), documentary. Starts July 4

Originally published in Issue #118, July/August 2013