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First time unlucky

OUT NOW! About a bourgeois Parisian girl looking for some excitement, LE PREMIER VENU is hard work.

Camille is a cute 20-year-old well-bred Parisian with a desperate need to add excitement to her middle class life. One beautiful day, she decides to “give her love” to “the first one” of the title. Costa, a shrimpy troublemaker, a lousy father and a bad son falls victim to her vanity game. Next the audience is submitted to 123 minutes of Camille’s manipulative waverings, scripted in that hyper-naturalistic dialogue that feels so unnatural to the novice’s ears. French fans of the old New Wave director: this is Doillon unadulterated! And he presents his film at Arsenal on Feb 3, 20:00. Anyone else stay home!

LE PREMIER VENU | Directed by Jacques Doillon (France/Belgium 2010) with Clémentine Beaugrand, Gérald Thomassin. Opens February 3