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Film for thought: Point of View

Serious films at Kino Arsenal through November - films for either the serious cinema viewer or those looking for cocktail party fodder.

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These are evenings for the serious cineaste. We are talking films (and video) not for entertainment, but for edification; explorations of the cinema itself as a place of political thought. In Arsenal’s new series of talks, artists present their own work and discuss it with the audience, before showing a film of their choice in the “carte blanche” part of the evening.

The most interesting speaker in October is probably Joanne Richardson, who has worked extensively on issues of proprietary authorship (i.e. copyright), inspired, if that’s even the right term, by Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville’s collaborations. Richardson never stops looking for information, and continually questions how that information came about. Richardson is reversing the evening’s order by first presenting Godard and Miéville’s Ici et ailleurs (October 6, 19:00), and following it up with two of her own videos, Letter from Moldova and Red Tours (21:00). The series continues on a weekly basis through December 2.

DER STANDPUNKT DER AUFNAHME/POINT OF VIEW, Oct 6-Dec 2, 19:00 (talk) and 21:00 or 21:30 (screening) | Most films in OV, some with English subtitles; discussions in English.